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“My last will” is a written statement that describes the desires you may have for your funeral or funeral service, as well as other would. Read more about My last will and what it specifically can contain.

What is My last will?

Preparing My last will, you can even have an influence on what should happen in the context of your removal and burial or interment. In addition, you can with My last will help your relatives to clarify your desires in a time that is already difficult for them.

The purpose of my last will is, to create a dialogue on and take a position on the many issues that arise in the context of one’s death and the time immediately afterwards.Although many connecting my last will with life-threatening situations or high age, can all make My last will, regardless of age and life situation. It is fundamentally about taking a position on a number of choices, all must take a stand on at one time or another in life.You should inform your nearest, once you have worked out My last will, and what would you have and where you keep it. Lots of people use solicitors to store their wills in Birmingham like Wills Trusts LPA Birmingham.

will writing birmingham experts

What can I decide in My last will?

In My last will, you can take a position on a number of issues. However, it is entirely up to you whether you want to take a stand on them all. My Last Desire will often deal with the following issues:

  1. Funerary form (buried or burned)

  2. Attire

  3. Choice of coffin

  4. The decoration of the coffin

  5. Choice of URN

  6. Desire death ad, text and media

  7. The holding of the ceremony

  8. Desire Pastor

  9. The desire of certain hymns or songs that will be sung

  10. Choice of cemetery

  11. Choice of gravestones

  12. Elections for the ashes to be sprinkled over the sea

  13. Choice of subsequent Memorial visitation

  14. Choices about what to do with one’s digital heritage

For each question, there is the ability to write detailed wishes and comments. In this way, will be My last will complete and personalized. In addition, there are a number of other issues that relate to other relevant information, such as organ donation, insurance and wills.

It is possible to find a schema, or a form to be used for the design of My last will, but you can also easily even fix it. You just need to type all your wishes down on a piece of paper and sign it.

Not legally binding

My last will is not legally binding, like a will. This means that your relatives are not obliged to comply with your wishes, but only can fulfill your wish if:

  1. Your wishes do not exceed the financial resources available

  2. Your wishes are possible to perform in an ethical and proper manner and does not break with law

My last will is your wishes to your removal. Therefore, it is always possible to change in My last will and do it again, if your desires are changing at a later time.

How do I make my last will valid?

My last will as mentioned, not legally binding, but more a statement of intent about one’s wishes. The only thing you need to do is to sign the document. There is therefore no need for notarial endorsement, registration or similar. However, you must pay attention to keep it securely, so that it is accessible and readable for those left behind, when you go away.

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