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Last Will and Testament – Whom Inherits?

Yes, but you can not freely decide of everything you own. You have to respect that the heirs of life have a loved one right on the widow. Life’s heirs will say the children of will writer (the dead that gives the legacy), including adopted children. If an heir life itself is dead, the inheritance moves on to its children.

Two thirds of wealth to children is taxed to the heirs of life. A life will still not have inheritance demands at a higher than £1,000,000,-. The CHT will say that each child is entitled to £1,000,000. Things get a bit more complicated if one of the children is dead and leaves behind children of their own. Then still apply amount limit of £1,000,000,-applies to each child’s line, but still so that each child get at least us £200.000,-. That is, if widow has 3 children, one of which is dead. And the dead child has 6 children. So will these 6 kids are entitled to us £200.000,-each, a total of £1.2 million, and not £1,000,000,-

If it’s complicated relationship with wife children etc, many should have a lawyer help.

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In Norway there are no requirements for how a testament can be kept. Most stores will at home, in a bank deposit box, with a relative, of an attorney or in the District Court. To be sure that the will be inherit the settlement, it is important to ensure that the will is found after the death. The most secure form of storage of your will is to deliver it to the District Court. When you ensure you both that it be changed, that it is being held back or that no one is aware of the document the day legacy is to be distributed. Testament is then registered in a national registry, and the District Court gives information about the will to the record after the testator’s death.


Anyone can submit a testament to the District Court in the district where you live. In Oslo there is Oslo City bailiff Office that holds wills, not Oslo District Court.

What does it cost

Storage of the last will and Testament at the district court costs £839 (last updated 2017). If you wish to make changes to the one handed testament, or take out the old and deliver in one new you have to pay a new fee.

Disclosure of testament

Have you filed a testament to storage, you can at any time to get it back. You have to show credentials, so that they are confident that they will disclose to the right person. If someone other than yourself to get your will, he/she must have with written authority from you and legitimise them. A mutual testament must be fetched by both testator-er. If both can not meet at the same time, the power of attorney will be shown from that which is absent.


Template 1-Personal testament

TEMPLATE 1 (personal testament:



By my death I wish that the following people should inherit my values:

First name, last name, born, will inherit. …

First name, last name, born, will inherit. …

First name, last name, born, will inherit. …

First name, last name, born, will inherit. …



Social security number:


Yours truly of age, which has witnesses will be present at the same time, confirms that this testament is signed in our presence, and that it is made of free will. We sign this testament with testator present and after their desire. They were both at the full sense and collection and signed the will of free will.

Name (Witness 1):

Social security number (Witness 1):

Address (Witness 1):

Signature (Witness 1)…………………………….

Name (Witness 2):

Social security number (Witness 2):

Address (Witness 2):

Signature (Witness 2):…………………………….